Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Marvelous May!

I look forward to seeing many of you at our Education Fair tomorrow night in our classroom.  I just wanted to send along some updated pictures of our Team before your kinder gets to show off all their learning in person.  :)  Enjoy!

Peter Rabbit Tales - Kindergarten loved going on our field trip to see Peter Rabbit Tales at the Capitol Center for the Arts on May 9th.  This was a great opportunity for students to practice being an audience and see what it was like to be on stage before their big performance later that week.  The costumes, characters, and scenery for the show was spectacular!

Kindergarten Performance Practice - The kinders did such an amazing job in their show this year!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Many thanks to all families who attended.  Here are a few pictures of us practicing.  Keep reading to see some fun backstage pictures as well!

What do plants need? - As a part of our plant study in science, kinders learned about the 4 things plants need to grow: water, sunlight, air, and soil.  We then created a lift the flap craft as a reminder of these 4 special ingredients.  We continue to watch our plants grow in the classroom.  We can't wait to show you at Education Fair this week!

Backstage at the Kindergarten Show - Just a few fun candid photos from backstage at the show!  Check out these superstar students!  :)

Five Little Ducks - As part of our study of subtraction, we learned the Five Little Ducks song to practice taking away quantities of 1.  Counting backward and practicing "take away" songs, poems, and games are a great way to reinforce the property of subtraction.  Now that we've introduced Linus the Minus, kinders are really needing to pay close attention to which number sentences are adding more and which ones are taking away.  

Coins! - Kinders love coins!  There is just something fascinating about money to kinders.  We have learned all 4 coins, though the grade level expecation is for kinders to master penny, nickel, and dime.  We are learning about the name of the coin, the heads and tails, and the quantity.  We also learned some poems to help remember certain traits of each coin.  Then we played a coin grab bag graphing game and a piggy bank cover up game to reinforce this concept.

Who Stole the Cookies!? - Another great way to practice subtraction was with the Who Stole the Cookies chant.  After learning this fun rhyme, kinders practiced cookie subtraction with a dice subtraction game and recorded their number sentences.  I had fun taking pictures and asking, "Who stole the cookies??"

As this school year seems to quickly wind down, we are just going to savor each moment and learning experience that we can with our team.  We look forward to learning about the transition to first grade, meeting our new teachers, and enjoying more fun with our team in the weeks to come. Below are reminders of important dates coming up.  Please reach out should you have any questions!


June 1- Education Fair (open house at BES) 5:30-7:00pm - All families welcome!

June 9- No school for kindergartners (incoming kindergarten screening)

June 14- Birthday acknowledgement for students in our class who have summer birthdays - Birthday Fruit Salad and Trail Mix Bar

June 20- BES Field Day - If interested in helping, please email Tracy Berube (our PE teacher) directly at and tell her you would like to help with the kindergarten games for field day.

June 21- Rain date: Field Day

June 21st- Meet & Greet Day: students meet next year's teacher!

June 22- Last day of school for children - 1/2 day - dismissal at 12:15