Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A short, but full week!

Lots of pictures and info in this blog post!  We had a busy 4 day week last week.  We wasted no time to pack in learning in our shorter week!

Zones Tools - As we continue to learn about the "zones,"  we are introducing some to help us when we are in different zones that may feel uncomfortable.  One new tool that helps us feel calm is the sequin pillow that is available in the take a break chair.  Moving the sequins in a design back and forth can really help us to hit the reset button when we need to.  The take a break chair continues to be a tool as well.

This friend noticed his snack reminded him of the colors in the zones!  :)

6 Sticks Activity - We read the book 6 Sticks  to see what could be made using only 6 popsicle sticks.  Then kinders made their own creations and designs!  Check them out!

Image result for 6 sticks book

I Messages - Mr. Bonnema (Mr. B) visited us last Wednesday to teach us about "I messages."  He also brought along his friends Chippy and Rocky to help.  We learned the structure of how to use an I message when we feel hurt or uncomfortable.  We also learned the sign language for each letter to help us remember!  It goes a little something like this:
  • Y - "When you . . . . (share what the person did that made you feel uncomfortable)"
  • I - "I felt . . . (share how you felt)"
  • L - "Later, could you please . . . (share how you want things to go differently next time)"
We have been practicing this to problem solve with friends when the opportunity arises.

Morning Meeting Greeting - Another component of morning meeting is the greeting.  This is how we start each morning meeting each day.  Featured below are pictures of the ball bounce greeting, which we love!  The greeting gives us the chance to:
  • recognize and name each team member
  • start our day in a friendly, fun way
  • move
  • practice gross and fine motor movement
  • practice following directions
  • learn how to shake hands
  • get to know classmates
  • feel happy

We also did a new activity in morning meeting last week - rolling the fall die.  Each side of the die had something that happens in fall, and we had to act it out.  Here we are acting like: floating leaves scurrying squirrels, falling acorns, strutting turkeys, tall growing corn, and rolling pumpkins.

Octopus O - Each student made a colorful octopus for the letter O we learned last week.  These crafts continue to help us learn:
  • motor planning
  • following directions
  • practicing creativity
  • making choices
  • taking turns
  • cleaning up 
  • responsibility
  • commitment to finishing a goal

Days of the Week - To go along with learning about the number 7 last week, we also learned about the 7 days of the week.  Did you know that one of our kindergarten goals is to learn all the days of the week?  We read two books to practice this:  Cookie's Week and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  When listening to a story, we put our hand up to our ear every time we heard the name of a day said.  
Image result for cookies week

Image result for the very hungry caterpillar

Writers Workshop Focus - Our focus in writing has been to put a picture in our mind, concentrate on all the details in that picture, and then put those details on paper.  We practiced this on white boards first as a team, and then transferred this learning to our personal writing pieces. 

Reading Buddies - Have you heard about our 3rd grade reading buddies?!  We met them on Friday and they interviewed us with some questions to learn about us.  We will be meeting with our reading buddies regularly this year to read and enjoy activities together.  We loved meeting all the kids in Miss Hubbard's class!

Ask Your Kinder
  • What was your favorite thing about reading buddies?
  • Sing the Days of the Week song or say the days of the week
  • What does it mean to put a picture in your mind during writing?
  • What are the expectations for buddy reading?
  • What did you make with 6 sticks?
  • What does it feel like to be in the yellow zone?
  • Field trip to Black Forest Nursery Tomorrow
  • Field trip to Bow Fire Department and Police Station October 31
  • Spirit Wear Orders due this Friday, October 20
  • Send in family photos as we learn about community