Monday, March 6, 2017

End of February Recap (LOTS of photos!)

Is anyone else out there completely shocked by the fact that it is actually MARCH!?!?  What in the world?  Before I get too carried away about the fact that spring is just two weeks away, let's recap some fun events from the second half of February.

100th Day of School - With all the snow days we had in February, the 100th day actually landed smack dab on Valentine's Day, so we did a little bit of both.  Soon I'll be sending home our kinder projects where we created self-portraits of what we think we'll look like at 100 years old.  They are pretty awesome!  

We also played 100th Day math games, like Race to 100.  Some groups chose to figure out what they could build with 100 plastic cups or 100 unifix cubes.  The plastic cups seemed to be the biggest hit!

Text to Self Connections - During reader's workshop, we've been working on making connections with texts to help us better understand what we read.  When we make a text to self connection, it means that something we read in the story reminded us of something that happened in our own life.  One book we read was called The Sandwich Swap, which is a story about two girls who each think the other's lunch is "gross."  Our conversations surrounding this text focused on respecting our differences and expressing kindness.  It provided us with many opportunities to make text to self connections.  Making text to self connections is a great comprehension strategy to incorporate when you read together at home.  

Celebrating Friendship on Valentine's Day  - Kinders focused on kindness and frienship on Valentine's Day and also participated in Valentine's candy math (most likely the crowd favorite because they got to have a few candy hearts).  We practiced counting with 1:1 correspondence, tally marks, and bar graphs as kinders counted and graphed how many of each colored heart came in their candy box.  

CVC Words - We continue to work on building and reading CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant words) in reading.  Team 111 really likes this activity where each child gets one letter card.  I say a word, and if a student thinks they have one of the letters in that word, they come to the front and help to spell it.  Then our team checks to make sure their spelling is correct.  Learning to tap and blend these words fluently helps to build strong readers and writers.

Teen Numbers - Teen Number Memory helped kinders to practice counting quantities up to 20, recognize teen numbers, and match numbers to quantities.  We continue to build the understanding that teen numbers are composed of a group of 10 and some more.  

Passwords - As we finish learning the rest of our passwords for the year, it's incredibly important to go back and practice previous ones and recognize them in print.  Kinders loved writing "invisible" passwords in hearts and painting watercolors over the white crayon writing to reveal the mystery passwords.  This would be a great activity to continue at home to practice passwords.  

Teen Number Hunt - These friends went on a hunt around the classroom for teen number quantities and recorded the number next to the corresponding box.  Making sure we write teen numbers with the 1 always first is a skill we are building. 

Read Across America - We loved all the dress up days associated with Read Across America Week, which was celebrated just before vacation.  Here are some of our favorite book character outfits.  (It took a few tries to get a picture with the right lighting!)

Composing and Decomposing Numbers - Has your kinder taught you our fancy new math term yet - decomposing?  We learned that when you break a number apart, you are decomposing that number.  Kinders used decomposing machines to break apart numbers less than 10.  They recorded how many beads were on one side of the pipe cleaner and how many were on the other side to find out the smaller numbers that make up bigger numbers.  We are decomposing rock stars!

Teddy Bear Sleepover - I'm sure you heard all about the mess the bears made when they slept over at school!  We put them in cozy hibernating spots on Thursday afternoon, but when we got to school on Friday we found a big mess!  After cleaning up after the bears, we enjoyed their more tame behavior throughout the day.  They even were good listeners as our kinders got to read by flashlight with them.  

Please be sure to check the side bar for important upcoming dates!  We hope you enjoyed this lengthy update!

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