Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow Much to Love About Learning

Well!  All this time I've been wondering where the snow was and if it would ever come our way in NH.  I should have known  . . .  I hope you all have been staying safe and warm with these back to back storms and at least getting out there to have some fun too!  On the days that we DO get to school, here's what we've been up to . . . 

ABC Order:  Our team has been working on the important concept of ABC order during word work.  One fun, but challenging activity we decided to tackle as a team was randomly choosing a letter out of a jar and then working together to line up in the order of the alphabet.  Kinders worked really hard at it and succeeded, but it was especially interesting for us to think about what to do if certain letters were missing (since we only have 18 students but there are 26 letters in the alphabet).  We will continue to work on strengthening this skill.  Here we are all lined up in order! 

More Composing/Decomposing Numbers:  We continue to work on composing and decomposing numbers to 10 as a way to prepare us for the work we will soon do with addition and subtraction.  Below are some of the fun games we played at math centers to practice. 

Counting dots on the top and bottom rows of 10 frames allows students to compose larger numbers (5 on top and 4 on bottom makes 9).

Other students played "Bears in the Cave" with counting bears.  Using 5 bears total, one partner hides some of them under a bowl (the cave) and leaves some out.  Taking into consideration how many bears are out of the cave, the second partner has to use counting strategies to determine how many bears are in the cave.

Kindergarten Yahtzee was quite a popular center as kinders tried to roll all the combinations necessary to check off each number on their recording sheet.

Top-It allows students to build fluency with recognizing quantities based on groups of objects or pictures (in this case, playing cards) and practice concepts such as more, less, or equal to.

Color Words and Passwords:  After reading Bill Martin Jr's Brown Bear Brown Bear, students practiced circling color words in their own decodable version of the story.  They also got to use highlighters to find all the passwords we know.  Keep practicing those passwords at home!  They are helping kinders to become amazing readers!

Animals in Winter:  We continue to learn about how a variety of animals survive in winter in the cold climates of New Hampshire.  We've learned a lot about animals who hibernate, and are beginning to learn more about migration and adaptation.  After reading more about how birds migrate, we summarized information we learned in an organizing web.  

Teen Numbers:  Our class has been starting to learn about teen numbers.  So far we have determined that teen numbers are two-digit numbers and start with a 1.  We are starting to notice that when we "build" teen numbers using counting tools, they all fill a 10 frame first.  We will continue our work with teen numbers in the months to come.  

Invention Convention:  Team 111 was so proud of our fellow inventors who presented in this years Invention Convention at BES!  We loved exploring everyone's amazing inventions this past Friday.  Many thanks to Mrs. Ruest and all of the volunteers who helped to make this happen!