From the Mouths of Kinders

Let's face it.  Kinders come up with some pretty funny things to say!  

I'll try to update this list from time to time of some cute and funny quotes I may have overheard during our day.  (New quotes will be at the top.)  Enjoy!

  • While reading the morning message and date on a Friday, one kinder corrected me . . . "Um, we all heard about this commercial.  Today is actually FriYAY."
  • As we shared about siblings during share one morning, one kinder shared about their teenager baby brother.  :)
  • During a guided discovery with unifix cubes, a learner suggested . . . "There must be unicorns in there!!"
  • As we cleaned up from reading one morning, I called attention by asking students to gently put their hands on their heads.  One friend said, "But not me today because I have gel in my hair."

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