From the Mouths of Kinders

Let's face it.  Kinders come up with some pretty funny things to say!  

I'll try to update this list from time to time of some cute and funny quotes I may have overheard during our day.  (New quotes will be at the top.)  Enjoy!

  • A fellow student shared about baking and decorating sugar cookies during the holidays.  Another student asked excitedly, "Did you sprinkle them with love!?"
  • Also during share, a student shared about a boo-boo that they were very brave about.  They shared, "I was crying and so sad that there were no more happies left."  I love how honest and caring we can be with each other.
  • During greeting, conscientious friend declined to shake hands with classmates because they had a cold and did not want to spread their germs.  "My hands are not good for hand shaking right now."  
  • The other day, our morning got away from me and I forgot to submit attendance before 8:15.  The kind ladies at the office called down to our classroom to make sure everyone was here.  As I verbally went through each student's name to make sure they were here, I came to one student who exclaimed, "I'm not absent!  I'm English!"   
  • Sharing about Thanksgiving break - "My favorite part of Thanksgiving was when I went to a hotel 100 years ago."
  • Learning about sense of smell - "When you smell something disgusting, you might go away.  When it smells good, you might eat it."
  • During pack up time at the end of a busy day - Kinder: "I love this day."  Me: "Why's that?"  Kinder: "Because, dismissal."  
  • "Does he have a bug in his mouth, because that's what happens when you get sick.  The bug is the sick."
  • Kinder trying to advise fellow "not feeling so great" kinder - "If you just get some medicine, it might be a little gross, but sometimes that helps a lot."
  • We've been learning a lot about the "group plan." It's about being part of a team and aware of what others communicate. After a lesson on group plans vs. individual plans, I informed the class of our plans to line up for recess.
    Me: "The group plan is to line up quietly so we can be ready to walk out to recess."
    Student: "MY group plan is Buffalo Wild Wings!"
  • During quiet time, a resting kinder - "Great idea. So I can get some beauty rest!"
  • Lining up a recess - "Hey, wanna be friends?"  (insert beaming heart)
  • Waiting in line for the bathroom - "Is it (the flush) automatic?  If it's loud, I don't flush."
  • Advising a friend - "You really need to mind your own business."
  • During a lesson on feelings - Me: "So I'm thinking of an emotion. . . it's kind of like when someone has a toy that you really want but you can't have it.  Or if someone is spending time with maybe mom or dad but you really want to be spending time with them. It starts with a /j/ sound . . . " Kinder: "Jacked up???"

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