Monday, September 11, 2017

More Than Recess and Snack!

Happy Monday, Kinder Families!  You may be wondering at this point what our kinder learners have been up to for the past couple of weeks at school.  You also may be getting limited information from your kinder when you ask them what they did at school today.  :)  It's common for many young learners to respond with "recess" or "snack" or sometimes even "nothing" when asked about what their day entailed.  But let me reassure you, we are doing much much more!  Read below to see what we've been up to!

Guided Discoveries - Kinders do lots of guided discoveries at the beginning of the school year.  They give learners a chance to try out new materials and learning tools and practice how to use them, so that when they are used for specific experiences later in the year they are more familiar with them.  Guided discoveries also help us to practice:
  • sharing
  • turn-taking
  • coming up with a plan and trying it out
  • changing our plan to try something else
  • being creative
  • working with peers
  • cooperation
  • demonstrating responsibility during clean up
  • managing tools and resources
  • proper/intended and safe use of tools
Here are some pictures of kinders doing guided discoveries with pattern blocks, pencils, counting bears.

We thought of so many ways to arrange and sort the bears!

We practiced holding a pencil, drawing, and writing.  We also learned that we only use pencils on paper.

Caterpillar Visitors - Have you heard about our caterpillar friends at school?  We had 9 fuzzy caterpillars hanging out in our classroom last week.  As of today, we found that there are no more caterpillars roaming their leafy jungle, but instead some fuzzy cocoon-like things.  We'll be watching to see what happens next!

Self-Portraits - We are amazing artists!  Our class drew self-portraits this week to hang in our classroom.  We were so careful about drawing realistically and using mirrors to make sure we used the right shapes and colors to add details.  Everyone paid close attention to:
  • hair color
  • skin color
  • eye color
  • eye shape
  • nose shape
  • mouth shape
  • and more!
When our artwork is hung, I will be sure to share pictures on our blog.

Making New Friends - One of the biggest things we've worked on these first few weeks of school is building our classroom community and making new friends - two major goals for us this school year.  We're so excited for the year ahead!  

Conversation Starters - Looking to start some meaningful conversations about school?  Ask your child about:
  • What do we do during a fire drill?
  • What does Miss Robinson mean when she says, "Ask 3 before me?"
  • Why do we have a take a break chair? (hint: it is NOT a punishment - it's a tool :) )
  • Sing the days of the week song. (tune of Adam's Family)
  • How do we pack up at the end of the day?
  • What are book boxes?
Reminders -
  • Please check the important "dates" tab on this page for upcoming dates and reminders
  • School lunch/milk - If your child is having school lunch or milk, please be sure to put money on their account or send money in their red folder.  Feel free to send me a note or email to give me a heads up if you would like me to help them remember to order lunch.  
  • Also, please check the "From the Mouths of Kinders" tab on this page as well for fun kinder quotes and a good laugh.  :)
Happy Monday!

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